William Dorris Revolutionary War Soldier of New Jersey and Sumner Co TN and widow Eleanor Dorris

by deb - February 6th, 2013.
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The pension papers of Revolutionary War soldier William Dorris continue with the widow’s pension application of his widow, Eleanor Dorris.

State of Tennessee Sumner Co   On this day personally appeared Ellenor Dorris widow of William Dorris deceased before me James Butler one of the acting Justices of the Peace in and for the county aforesaid.   She being a resident of the county of Sumner and state of Tennessee aged eighty one years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the acts of Congress passed July 7 1838 and the Joint Resolution of the 16 Aug 1842 (above that was written 3 March 1843) and act to continue the pensions of  certain widows  passed 17 June 1844

That she is the widow of William Dorris who was a pensioner of the United States and drew his pension in Nashville state of Tennessee.  She further states that she was married to the said William Dorris on the 15th day of January seventeen hundred and eight five (1785).  That she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but she was married to him previous to the first day of January seventeen hundred and ninety four to wit at the time above mentioned.

That her husband the said William Dorris died on the 22nd November 1842 and that she the said Elenor Dorris has remained a widow ever since that period.  She and the said William Dorris was married in Caswell County North Carolina by Joseph Dorris a Baptist preacher. She annex(?) a certificate of her childrens ages by which it will be seen that her first born child was born 27 February 1786 which record is in the genuine handwriting of her husband.  Sworn to and and subscribed before me this 19th day of October 1844.                                                      Ellenor X (her mark) Dorris    

I James Butler one of the acting  Justices of the Peace in and for the county (of Sumner) hereby certifiy that I am well acquainted with Ellenor Dorris who has this day made the foregoing Declaration before me.  That from old age and bodily infirmity…she cannot appear or travel to the court house of her county to make this Declaration in open court…19 October 1844.. James Butler

This declaration was presented in the court of Sumner Co TN 6 July 1846 and was ordered that the county court of Sumner “recognize and approve the official acts of James Butler in regard to this declaration and that the clerk certifiy the same”…

16 April 1846 State of Tennessee Sumner County..On this day personally appeared Solomon Brown aged seventy four years before me John B. Brizendine one of the acting Justices of the Peace in and for the county of Sumner and made oath…that his siser Ellinor Dorris was married to William Dorris in Caswell County North Carolina about the 15th day of January seventeen hundred and eighty five in Caswell County North Carolina.  They were married by Joseph Dorris a Baptist preacher the same Baptist preacher who moved to this country (Tennessee) and accompanied General Jackson in some of his Indian wars.    This affiant was young at the time and unmarried but lived with his father.   There was a good many people at the wedding but does not now recollect any of them now that are living except a Brother who recollects as much perhaps at this affiant does.  Also Robert Dorris a brother of William Dorris was also at the wedding and now lives in Kentucky.  Affiant has a personal knowledge of the marriage and knows it to have been a legal one.  Said William Dorris was a pensioner of the Unted States on the Nashville roll previous to his death. 

Affiant has seen the record of the children of the said Ellinor and William Doris and although he does not write himself believes it to be the genuine record of the ages of their children.  He  further states that he is acquainted with the ages of the children and from his recollection Elijah Dorris the oldest in the record is now about sixty years of age.  William Dorris and Elenor his wife moved to Tennessee in 1802 and the affiant moved to the same county and state in 1817.     Solomon X (his mark) Brown

The next affadavit was given by Hanah Brown on 16 April 1846.  She began by restating what her husband had about the wedding of William and Elenor Dorris having occurred in Caswell Co NC by Joseph Dorris.  She went on…”This affiant was not at the wedding at the time of their marriage.  She lived about five miles from there but her acquaintance with them before and after their mariage was such at to enable her to recollect a great deal about it.”

She thinks their marriage took place in seventeen hundred and eighty five for they had three children Elijah-William–and John when this affiant and Solomon Brown her husband were married.  She knows this from recollection because the oldest of affiants children if now alive would be fifty six years.  This affiant and the said Solomon Brown who has made the annexed affadavit were married on the 5th day of April 1790 and William Dorris and Ellenor his wife had three children as before stated…She has known them ever since as man and wife until the death of said William Dorris.   Hanah X (her mark) Brown.

John B. Brizendine, one of the acting Justices of the Peace of Sumner County certified that he was well acquainted with Solomon Brown and his wife Hanah Brown…they are near neighbours and they are people of good character truth and veracity and full faith and credit are due and of right ought to be given to their statements…16 April 1846.

Next was the list of children of  William and Ellinor Brown Dorris:

1. Elijah Dorris was born February 27 1786

2. William Dorris was born November 24 1787

3. John Dorris was born January 10 1790 died Aug 8 1824

4. Robert Dorris was born May 6 1792

5. Zelpha Dorris was born January 14 1795

6. Abigale Dorris was born March 11 1797  Died March 27th 1808?

7. Lewis Dorris was born October 12th 1799

8. Jesse Dorris was born December 26th 1801

9. Elias Dorris was born January 21st 1807

Eleanor Dorris’ application for a pension as widow of William Dorris was approved and she was inscirbed on the roll at the rate of $20 per annum.  The certificate of pension was issued the 27th day of July 1846.   A second declaration was signed by X by Eleanor Dorris, age 85 on 26 Aug 1848 in Sumner Co. Tennessee





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  1. Thank you so much for collecting and posting this data. I have just begun building my family tree and this is very helpful. I will be in contact if I need a little help. Thank you again! – Jason Dorris

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  4. Is the citation for this wonderful treasure trove of information the pension file at the National Archives? I need the citation, please.

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