The Full Pension File of Silas James Lankford, CSA and USA Soldier of Smith Co Tennessee

by deb - June 20th, 2011.
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It could have taken up to six months for me to get it, but it didn’t!    Last week while I was away,  I received the full pension file–Civil War–of Silas James Lankford!    And, it is CHOCK FULL of information.

Over the next few days, I will detail the info given in this pension file.    It makes a great story, yet it’s all true…

The first page of the file lists pensioner Silas J. Lankford and gives his death date as May 17, 1905.    Widow Emma Lankford, was the claimant for a widow’s pension.   Her address was R.F.D. No 1 Pardue, Dickson Co., TN.   Emma submitted her claim 7 Nov 1905 and resubmitted her claim on 23 Nov 1905 and Feb 23, 1906.   

Although it looks like her claim was at first admitted and she was to receive pay (per reviewer T.S. Hursey? on 17 Nov 1905), comments left by T.S. Hursey, Reviewer, on 27 Feb 1906 and H.B. Curtis, Reviewer, on 7 Mar 1906 said her claim was “rejected”.    “Rejection up the grounds that soldier left no legal widow or children under sixteen years of age surviving. One S.E. report (opinion of Chief of Law Div)”.

The next page is the “Widow’s Pension” application.   Under “approvals”  was written:  “Rejection upon the ground that claimant (Emma Lankford) is not the legal widow of the soldier (Silas J. Lankford), evidence adduced? upon special examination showing that at the date of his marriage to claimant soldier had a wife living from whom he had not been divorced”.(opinion of Chief of Law Div).

The widow’s application further stated that the solider was pensioned at $10 per month for heart injury and right hand…Soldier enlisted 21 Jan. 1864, and was honorably discharged 30 Jan 1865.   Soldier application was filed 17 Feb 1902.

Death of former husband 20 April 1877    Death of 2nd wife 25 Jan 1881; death of 1st wife Oct 1887

Marriage to soldier 15 Dec 1881 (by Emma).                                       

The “invalid pension” application of Silas J. Lankford of Bellsburg, Dickson Co., TN, Private, Company A of 1st TN Vols Mtd Inf, said Silas J. was pensioned for partial inability to earn a support by manual labor.   He was also “approved” for general debility, enlargement of the liver and lame (right) arm result of carbuncle and disease of heart.  His pension of $10 per month was to commence 17 Feb 1902.

Another form “declaration for invalid pension” filed 10 Feb 1902, Silas J. Langford, age 63, a resident of Bellsburg, Dickson Co., TN, appeared before Justice of the Peace W.D.Story to swear he was the identical Silas J. Langford who was enrolled as a Private on 21 Jan. 1864 in Co. A of the 1st Regiment of Tenn Vols and was honorably dischared at Carthage, Smith Co. Tenn on 30 Jan 1865.   This form was signed by Silas J. Langford and witnessed by R.A. Duke and Nobie Duke, both of Bellsburg, DicksonCo. TN.

This is just the beginning…    The plot thickens…neighbors and relatives come forth and give their depositions and decisions by Washington, D.C. officials are made….

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  1. Larry Satterfield

    That is wonderful news Debbie!!.did he apply for a Confederate pension as well?? We are slowly drawing the noose on the elusive Silas! My Father-in-Law is thrilled!

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