Silas James Lankford/Langford Medical Affidavits Civil War Pension Application

by deb - July 14th, 2011.
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The next information on the Civil War Pension of Silas James Langford/Lankford of Smith and Dickson Co Tennessee was his medical records.     There were general and medical affidavits detailing his physical disabilities by neighbors and doctors.

First was a general affidavit by T.W. Harper, M.D., age 33 of Bellburg, Dickson Co, TN and W.L. Weakley, age 36, also of Bellburg in Feb 1902.

Dr. Harper stated that he had been the practicing physician of Silas James Langford for 11 years and knew of Silas James’ disabilites caused by enlargement of liver and lame arm by the fact of carbuncle.    Dr. Harper also stated that Silas was an honest, sober citizen.    Dr. Harper  said he saw Silas James on 15 May 1892 for his carbuncle and his physical condition was very bad at that time.   He was disabled from manual labor for 4 months.    He saw Silas James with enlargement of liver Nov 1899 and, again, his physical condition was very bad…and his conditon is not from vicious habits.

W.L. Weakley confirmed the same disabilities and claimed to have known Silas James for 14 years, stating that Silas James had lived part of the time of his affliction on Weakley’s farm.

There was also a detailed surgeon’s certificate that stated that Silas “has been not well since Oct 1899; with enlarged lived and spleen; also disease of heart; had carbuncle on right arm about 8 years; weakens arm after exertion.”

This form further stated that Silas James Langford was born in Smith Co. TN and was now age 64.   He was 6′ 1 1/2″ tall, weighed 143 pounds with blue eyes and brown hair.    

  A detailed description of Silas James’ disabilities was given with a final statment that said spleen was not enlarged, (but) the aggregate permanent disability for earning a support by manual labor is due to enlargement of liver, result of carbuncle and heart disease.”

This report also mentioned that Silas James’ hands showed that he worked some.   This prompted a  note from the Department of the Interior concerning what work Silas James was doing.     Further explanation said “should have said his hands were rough showing that he had worked but for past 6 months has not worked at anything harder than shelling corn for chickens.  Is an industrious man when able.    June 1902”.

Silas James Langford/Lankford did receive a pension for his service as a soldier for the United States during the Civil War.    And, thus Silas James and wife Emma received $10 a month, as Silas James’ Civil War Pension, until Silas James died in 1905.   

Family secrets and more came to light in 1905 when Emma Langford, widow of Silas James Langford, applied for a widow’s pension.

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