Silas James Langford/Lankford….the continuing saga

by deb - May 11th, 2011.
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I ordered the Civil War pension application for Silas James Langford.   I had the application date, the application number and the certificate number AND I had the application date and application number of the pension application filed by his wife Emma Langford.    Hopefully this will make the search easier and faster at the National Archives.

Meanwhile I had yet another interesting comment/email from another distant Langford “cousin”.      His email directed me to a link on rootsweb that gave the following information on Silas James Langford/Lankford:     Silas James Lankford was born 15 Jan 1839, Smith Co. TN and died 17 May 1905, Bellsburg, Dickson Co., TN.   He married Nancy Susan McKinnis 1857 (This is my direct line.)    Nancy Susan  McKinnis was born 1834, Smith Co. TN, and died 1887 in Smith Co., TN.   Silas James married Zilpha Catherine Dunn about 1879.   He married Emma Brown Hunter 15 Dec 1881 in Dickson Co. TN.

One of my next moves is to find out if there was a divorce between Silas James Langford and Nancy Susan McKinnis Langford.      The family tradition that I was told was that Silas left his family in Smith Co after the Civil War and “may have started another family” in Dickson Co.       So, it looks like he did “start another family”, but did he do it legally?     Unless, Silas James and Susan were divorced, Silas married not once, but twice, before NancySusan died in 1887.

In addition to the information on Silas James Langford and his immediate family I also received a link to research on the Langford and associated lines that went back several generations.   Besides being very informative and adding many names to my family chart, I learned that both the great grandfather and the great-great grandparents (Parrish Lankford and Henry and Catherine Lankford) all died in Dickson County, TN.   Thus, Silas’ “escape” to Dickson Co. after the Civil War to begin his life anew was not a random choice.–he had family there!    In my previous study of Dickson Co. TN census records I had found several Lankford/Langford families and now I know these Langfords/Lankfords were related to “my” Silas James Lankford.

The plot thickens and the hunt continues….

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