Silas James Langford/Lankford Pvt M Co 24th Tennessee Infantry

by deb - November 3rd, 2010.
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On my Williams family side my eight great-great-great grandfathers are all born within 23 years of each other, from Johw W. Williams born 1820 to Elijah Hampton Russell born 1843.     During this year I have submitted and received membership into the Confederate Families of Tennessee on four of my great-great-great grandfathers.     Although I felt John W. Williams, born 1820, was probably “too old” to have enlisted in the Civil War, it seemed possible that any or all of the other three great-great-great grandfathers could have enlisted and served in the war.

Looking in Tennesseans in the Civil War, I first searched for David Colby Sutton, born 1839, but did not find a listing for him.   Next, I looked for Elijah Hampton Russell, but again, no listing.    Finally, I looked for Silas James Lankford and believe I have found another Civil War ancestor.    A Silas J. Langford enlisted as a Private in Company M of the 24th TN Inf.      Silas was from Smith Co. TN.   Company M of the 24th TN Infantry was a Smith Co. company.  

Going next to the 1860 Census of Smith Co. TN by Partlow I looked for Silas James Langford/Lankford.   I wanted to see if there were more than one Silas James Langford/Lankford in the county in that year.    In the 1860 of Smith Silas James is listed as James Lankford age 23.    There was a “J” Lankford in a nearby household age 14, but a female.  

Ten years back to the 1850 Census of Smith Co. TN by Partlow Silas J.Langford, age 12,  is listed in the household of father Henry Langford.    In this census there was another James Langford, but he was in his sixties.     

The service record for Silas J. Langford has only 2 cards.   The first card listed his rank, Private, and the company and regiment, Co. M 24th (Tennessee) Reg’t Inf.    The second card was dated Jan and Feb 1862.   This card stated he had enlisted June 27, 1861 in Nashville, TN by Jo. G. Puckett for 12 months.  Silas had been paid by W.P. Davis to Jan 1, 1862.    This card listed him as “absent” with remarks:   Detailed with baggage and left at Bowling Green, KY.     With no further cards on Silas J. Langford I wondered about the remarks.     An archivist at the Tennessee State Library and Archives explained that the remarks meant that Silas J. Langford had been “put on detail”.   He was given the baggage (of the company?), put on a wagon and given orders to drive to headquarters.

Next, comes the exciting part of adding the detail to the life of Silas James Langford and those that came after him!

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  1. very interesting!

  2. Excellent research, Debbie! I enjoyed reading about yet another of our ancestors who fought in the Civil War.

  3. Hey Debbie, Did you know that my grandmother was a Langford? I think she was from Wayne County though. I’ll have to look up the location of Smith County as I’ve been away from TN for too long now to remember.

  4. I can fill in the blanks you have on Silas James Langford. You have excellent research on Silas and his service to the Confederacy, but I have a few surprises i think you will find exciting!

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