Levi Matherly Alzira K Sevier Mary W. Polly Brown Sevier of Sumner County Tennessee

by deb - March 7th, 2014.
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I have been hitting my head for years on the brick wall of my 3rd great grandparents, Levi Matherly and Elzira/Alzira K. Sevier/Savere of Sumner County Tennessee.

I knew that Levi Matherly was present in the 1850 census of Sumner Co TN, district 9.  Levi was age 36, born TN with children:  John age 12, William age 10, Daniel 7 and James 5.

A few households away, also in district 9, was Mary Savere age 60 with:  John age 23, Elzira age 25, Alcy age 21, Richard 16 and Almyra 2. The next household was Richard Severe age 37 with Mary 34, James 9, Thomas 7, Mary 3.

On October 10,1851 Levi Matherly married Elzira K. Sevier in Sumner Co. TN.  In the 1860 census I found “Leo” Matherly age 29, district 18, Gallatin, Sumner Co, TN with:  Alzira 38, William 20, James 13, Elizabeth 8, Francis 4 and Manda 1, all born in Tennessee.   Also in the same district was John Matherly, age 21 with Harriet 39, Johnetta 10 and Mallissa 7, all born in TN.

There were no Savere/Sevier families in the 1860 census of Sumner Co.

In April of 1861, a deed is registered in Sumner Co, TN for Levi Matherly to J.S. Long.  Levi sells 87 acres in district 18, recorded in deed book 25, p. 142 of Sumner Co TN.   Ancestry.com shows a listing for Levi Matherly in 1862,district 18 of Sumner Co TN on a US tax list.

The next available tax list for Sumner Co TN is 1868.   This list shows only Daniel, James and John Matherly.  There is no entry for Levi Matherly.

Neither Levi nor Elzira/Alzira is found on the 1870 census of Sumner Co TN or the 1870 Tennessee Census.   A search of the county court minutes of Sumner Co TN Vol 8 Oct 1858-Apr 1866, Vol Apr 1866-Nov 1869 and Vol Nov 1869-Feb 1873 had no entries for Levi Matherly.  I also searched Sumner Co TN Inventory and Settlements Oct 1861-June 1869 and Feb 1869-1879–0 entries for Levi Matherly.

Here’s what I found:  John Matherly age 12 in 1850, age 21 in 1860 with wife and family; marries 1869 in Robertson Co TN to Sarah Osborne and is present in the 1870 of Robertson Co. TN age 35, p. 148, HH 142 with Sarah age 18.

I found two marriages for Daniel Matherly age 7 in 1850:  D.F. Matherly to M.S. McMurtry 17 Mar 1864 in Sumner Co TN and Daniel F. Matherly to M.E. McMurtry 1 June 1870 E. Burr, J.P., Sumner Co TN.   In 1870 Daniel is age 27, with wife Mary 23, living in Logan Co KY.

James Matherly, age 5 in 1850 and 13 in 1860, married Julia Osborn 4 May 1868 in Sumner Co TN.  He is present as James P. Matherly in Robertson Co TN, p. 148 HH 143, in 1870, age 25 with Judy age 25 and Joe age 1.

Elizabeth age 8 in the 1860 census married in 1865 to John Franklin Lewis in Sumner Co TN.  In the 1870 census, district 10,  Gallatin, was John Lewis age 27, with Elizabeth age 20 and Jane age 1.   Also in that household is 17 year old Frances with a last name that “looks like” Mcherley”, but I suspect is Matherly.

Frances would go on to marry on 12 July 1874 in Sumner Co TN to John L. Leggett.  Through ancestry.com I was able to trace Frances Leggett to her death on 1 April 1839, Nashville, Davidson Co, TN.  Her informant listed her father’s name as John Matherly and mother’s name as Sevier (no first name given).

The youngest child, Manda, age 1 in 1860, has yet to be found in the 1870 census.  Because her older but unmarried sister Frances is in the household of the oldest sister, Elizabeth, and because Elizabeth marries either at the young age of 13 or 15 in 1865, I would suspect that at least one if not both Levi and Elzira have died before 1865.   Manda, who is my direct line and my 2nd great grandmother, married 1 Jan 1880 to James Burton Honeycutt in Sumner Co TN.

And so, I feel I have found what is available for Levi Matherly and wife Elzira/Alzira Sevier Matherly in the Sumner Co TN records. My family chart will read that Levi died after 1862 and Alzira after 1860.

Now what?  Records on ancestry.com say that Levi is descended from Thomas Matherly and Elizabeth Jones and Elzira/Alzira K. Sevier is descended from John Finley Sevier and Mary “Polly” Brown and that is research for another day.



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  1. Deb, have you searched the Sumner Co. deeds for Sevier & variants, as well as the Matherlys? When did Levi, for example, acquire the land he sold in 1861, and who were the bounday neighbors and/or what river/creek mentions?

  2. Glad I am not the only one coming up with a brick wall on this family!

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