Emma Lankford, wife of Silas James Lankford of Smith and Dickson Co, TN files for a Civil War Widow’s Pension

by deb - July 24th, 2011.
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Silas James Langford of Smith and Dickson Co., TN died in May 1905.    His widow, Emma Langford, then applied for a widow’s pension for Silas James’ service to the U.S. during the Civil War.     Following are the affidavits that were filed concerning her application.

W.R. Jones, of Daniel, Dickson Co. TN, age 45, declared 23 June 1905  that Emma Langford “has no means of support other than her daily labor since 16 June 1905 the date of filing this claim; also the claimant Emma Langford has not remarried since the soldiers death.   I also state that the claimant Emma Langford lived continuously with soldier from date of marriage to his death.”

J.B. Hunter, age 49, also of Daniel, Dickson Co., TN also signed that he agreed to the statment (made above) concerning Emma Langford.

W.R. Jones also stated the “both the claimant and solider had a former marriage; claimants… first husband died 20 April 1877; soldiers first wife (died) 25 Jan 1881.   I was at the burring (burying) of both.”   Again, J.B. Hunter also signed that he agree with this statement concerning Emma and Silas James Langford.

Next, W.R. Jones stated that the “knowledge I have of the marriage of Mrs. Emma Langford to soldier is personal.   I was present and witnessed the marriage ceremony and know that she is the identical person that married soldier.   Soldier and claimant was married on the 15th day of December 1881.”   Again J.B. Hunter signed his agreement.

On the 27th day of June 1905 Emma Langford, age 57 years, of Bellsburg, Dickson Co., TN, gave this affidavit:  ” I will say in regard to the character and value of all my property consist of my little household effects with about $75 and 5 head of hogs worth $15 and my fowls worth about $15.  I have had no income of any description since 16 June 1905 and there is no one legally bound for my support.   I will say further that soldier did not leave any will or life insurance either at this deah.   Soldier died sudden and did not have any Doctor.   The magistrate that performed the ceremony (I guess she means marriage ceremony?) is dead.

On 17 July 1905, J.A. Travis, age 48, resident of Daniel, Dickson Co. TN signed an affidavit saying: ” In the matter of claimant (Emma) marriage to soldier I will state that I have known the claimant for a number of years but do not remember the date of her marriage to soldier but I know that they lived together continuously from time of marriage untill the soliders death and was never divorced.”  

L.V. Smith, age 35, of Daniel, Dickson Co., TN, also signed an affidavit on 17 July 1905 saying he had known the claimant and soldier all his life and…”to best of my knowledge claimant was married in December 1881…and were never divorced or separated.”

28 July 1905 Wesly Speight, age 67, of Bellsburg, Dickson Co., TN signed an affidavit that:  “that her (Emma) former husband Thomas Brown is dead.   He was drowned in harpeth River in the spring of 1877 I think.  I am not positive but think that is the date of his death.   I was one of the jurors that helped hold the inquest over his boddy and I am positive that he is dead.”   G.A. Scott, age 50 years, of Bellsburg, Dickson Co., TN signed an affidavit agreeing to the above statment and also said…”I was present at the cororners inquest and at the burring (burying) of his boddy…”

1 Aug 1905 Emma Langford’s affidavit:   “I will say in regard to the death of soldier and why we did not have a physician…soldier died of heart trouble.  He went to bed, well as usual, and about 12 o’clock he woke me up.  He made one loud groan and died before I could get a physician or my nearest neighbor there. (who lived only about two hundred yards from me) and the Justice of Peace told me it was not necessary to hold an inquest over him…He had been under treatment from a physician about 5 years before he died and they told him they could do him no good and he only taken some little stimulant and no regular physician.”

And so continues the widow, Emma Langford’s, application, as she and her neighbors state their knowledge of soldier, Silas James Langford’s death, and the marriage and life together of Emma and Silas James.     The affidavits seem to show that Emma and Silas were both previously married, yet spouses of both had died before Silas and Emma married in Dec 1881, and Silas and Emma lived together as husband and wife till Silas’ death in May 1905.    Yet, there is more to come as both neighbors and family members come forward with their affidavits…

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