Civil War Families of Tennessee

by deb - February 2nd, 2010.
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My latest “project” is to apply for membership in The East Tennessee Historical Society’s Civil War Families of Tennessee.     “Any person who is a direct or collateral descendant of any individual who served in Tennessee in the Civil War, either Union or Confederate, is eligible for membership”.

I have two direct ancestors who fought in the Civil War and were from Tennessee:   my great-great-great grandfather Claibourn Wright West, of Smith County, Tennessee and my great-great-great grandfather George W. Tomberlain, of White County.  

Although the research has been done “proving” my relationship to these men, I get the “fun job” of collecting that proof–birth and death records, marriages, and the Civil War service records–and putting it all together with my application for induction into this society.

With my line of descent mapped out before me, the next stop will be the Tennessee State Library and Archives, the Tennessee Department of Vital Records, and online sources.     My first application will be on Claibourne Wright West.

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