Civil War and Revolutionary War Ancestors

by deb - September 17th, 2012.
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I have spent the last couple of years researching my Civil War ancestors and applying for membership in the Civil War Families of Tennessee through the East Tennessee Historical Society.    I am almost finished with the applications and supporting papers for Lewis Bradshaw Pilkerton and his father Aaron Pilkerton of Rutherford Co, who both served in the 18th Tennessee Infantry and were of Rutherford County, Tennessee.

Next, I plan to learn a little more about my Revolutionary War ancestors and their families and search for both service records and any pension applications.   

At this point, I feel sure I have at least three Revolutionary War ancestors:  one on my dad’s side of the family–Tobias Williams of Smith Co TN and two on my mom’s side of the family– David Herron of White Co TN  and Leonard Brown of Sumner Co TN, each one a great-great-great-great-great grandfather.

While I’m daydreaming, I would love to find and prove an ancestor for First Families of Tennessee.  To qualify for eligibility in this organization an applicant has to prove descent from an ancestor who settled in Tennessee prior to Dec 31, 1796.    And, finally, for now, I would love to find out if I am a Mayflower descendant!   





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  1. I admire all you have done and am sure others will benefit. I have no kinship to any Pilkertons but admire your efforts.

  2. Debbie, I have sure enjoyed these updates from you about your family. Thanks so much for sending them to me. Hope you and yours are all doing great.

  3. You can add another Revo Soldier on your dad’s side: James Sutton. I have little on him, but he is recognized by the NSDAR. We descend through him on two lines. So far as I know, no one has been able to join the DAR on our links to him.

  4. I was born in 1944. Years ago my father told me the fairy tale veirosn of the origin of our Italian family name MONTESI. The story went that a nobleman fell in love with a peasant girl but was betrothed to another. The nobleman and the peasant girl got together and created a child. before she gave birth the peasant woman went into the mountains to have the child she named him MONTESI which the story goes means child of the mountains That started a spark of interest as to who my ancestors were. my father had put in my baby book his and my Moms side of the tree with dates birth and deaths, and places. I did not realize what I had. The interest lay dormant for a while till I was grown and married (about 1979). A friend, very much interested in genealogy, asked me to go with her on a trip to our state capital (Frankfort KY)while she did some research. I looked up my Mothers side (CLARY) since she and I were born in KY and was overwhelmed with the long list that confronted me. So out of curiosity I looked up my then Husband’s name REXROAT. WOW a treasure trove.. a woman from Washington state was doing research and printing a newsletter which was in the archives My Husband’s father and grandfather were there with their ancestors. I went home and was telling my Mother-in-law about it and she proceeded to print out on note paper her family tree back 5 generations. That did it I was new to computing but I went out a purchased Family tree Maker (ver 3 I believe) and built a tree. About 10 years later while visiting Reed, Kentucky (the CLARY hometown area) for their annual 4th July Burgoo and barbque mutton cookout at ST Augustine church, I again got lucky. Distant relatives had done a book on the people buried in the cemetery there. (most related to me in some way). Along with the name they had stories told to them by their Aunt my mother’s double cousin. Oh the joy At the time I was only interested in my immediate family. Then about 1990 married to my second husband, LOVE, his Aunts visited. The family tale they told was that my husbands great-grand father was a chicken thief and had taken his wife’s Maiden name as his Surname .hmmm. I never have been able to prove or disprove this but he cannot be accounted for, YET!!I love a good mystery and genealogy is the greatest one of all. Many clues out there and with the progress of computing they are getting solved. I still have to do a lot of sleuthing since many out there are content to add any thing to make their info fit. I now branch out from brothers and sisters since someone will maybe find a link and give me a clue to solving a Mystery in my tree. Indeed I have gotten connections for the MONTESI’s, CLARY’s, REXROAT’s and LOVE’s and made many friends. I named my tree WE ARE FAMILY because I believe we are all connected. I feel I am the keeper of the flame for my future family generations. Recently my husband passed and I moved to Illinois to be with my mother, my new neighbor is related to my ex-father-in-law (REXROAT). Needless to say I am hooked.

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