Amanda Paralee Cathcart Williams

by deb - March 16th, 2010.
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I had a few loose ends remaining before filing the application for James H. Williams, Union Soldier, to the Civil War Families of Tennessee.     I did find James H. and wife Amanda  in the 1860 census of Putnam Co. TN and I learned that James H. was buried in Dekalb Co, TN at the Mt Zion Baptist Church in Temperance Hall.

I also received a copy of the Widow’s Pension Application and papers for Amanda, widow of James H. Williams, filed in Aug 1890.    In addition to information given by Amanda, there were affidavits by neighbors and friends of James H. and Amanda concerning James H.’s service, James and Amanda’s marriage and the births of their children.

 In one affadavit, given by W.A. Washer, Washer stated that he was intimately acquainted with J.H. Williams at the time he enlisted in the United States Army and saw him on his return home from said Army after his discharge and also lived a near neighbor to him most all the time from his discharge to his death and was present at this bedside when he died, which was in the summer of 1889.  

 W.A. Washer also said that J.H. Williams, at the time he returned home after his discharge  complained of an injury to his left hip that he said he received while in the army.   He was lame in his left hip all the time up to his death.   It seemed…the misery would start in his hip and run in to small of his back and then in to his bowells… at various times…he had to take his bed…and said Williams was not able at any time from his discharge to do manual labor to do himself  justice.    W.A. Washer further stated that…at the death of soldier he helped wash and dress him for burial and on his left hip there was a black spot as large as his hand and seemed to be almost rotten…Though the details are sad–with several friends and neighbors giving affadavits concerning the injuries and pain of James H. Williams, again, it helps to bring James H. and Amanda “to life”.   Amanda Williams did receive a widow’s pension for James H. Williams’ service until her death in 1912.

I did receive approval on my first application to the Civil War Families of Tennessee for Capt Claiborne Wright West and was sent a certificate.

My next adventure will be research on Peter Hackett of Smith Co. TN, who served in the 23rd Tenn Reg’t, Haynie’s Company.    He also received a pension for his service.

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