Aaron Pilkerton and son Lewis B. Pilkerton, Privates, Co H 18th Tennessee Infantry

by deb - March 9th, 2012.
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For almost 2 years now I have been researching my own family lines for Civil War soldiers.   So far, I have found one Union soldier, three Confederate soldiers who fought and lived, one Confederate soldier who died a prisoner of war in Ohio, one Confederate soldier who fought, was imprisoned, then re-enlisted as a Union solider, and now, a father and son, Aaron and Lewis B. Pilkerton, who both enlisted in Co H, 18th Tennessee Infantry, CSA, in Rutherford Co. Tennessee!

I have a copy of a family history on the Pilkerton family, by Mary Duggin Jernigan, 1982, that stated both Aaron and Lewis B. Pilkerton, father and son, had enlisted in the same company and infantry in the Civil War.    

I found the service records of both men at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.    Aaron Pilkerton was a, Private, Co H. 18 Tennessee Inf, Capt B.G. Wood’s Company.   Aaron’s age was listed as 55 years.   He appeared on the company muster-in roll:  Camp Trousdale, Tennessee 7 Aug 1861,  enlisted for a period of 9 months, 16 days.    

 According to his service records, Aaron Pilkerton was discharged 1 Nov 1861.     There is a copy of a certificate of disability for discharge from Army of the Confederate States of America stating that:  Aaron Pilkerton of Captain B.G. Woods Company of the Eighteenth regiment of the state of Tennessee Volunteers was enlisted by J.B. Palmer of the Eighteenth regiment of Tennessee at Murfreesboro on the twenty third day of May to serve one year; He was born in North Hampton in the state of North Carolina, is fifty five years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, fair complexion, blue eyes, sandy hair, and by occupation, when enlisted, shoemaker.   During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty 60 days.

Another document signed by a surgeon stated that he (the surgeon) had examined Aaron Pilkerton of Captain Woods Company and “find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of disability from old age and chronic rhumatism in hip…unfitting him for all drill and marching duties…recommended to be discharged”.   Below the surgeon’s name was “camp near B Green KY “.   

I mention the Bowling Green reference because Mrs. Jernigan, in her family history of the Pilkerton family, stated that “Aaron joined General Zollicoffer and served with him until the General was killed in the Battle of Mill Springs, Kentucky”.    General Zollicoffer did die in the Battle of Mill Springs, KY,  in January 1862.     Although Aaron was discharged in Nov. 1861, he may have served and fought in other battles with General Zollicoffer.

Also included in Aaron Pilkerton’s service records was a “certificate to be given a soldier at the time of his discharge from the Army of the State of Tennessse”.    It included the same information as the certificate of disability for discharge.   It was dated 15 Nov 1861, Bowling Green, KY.

Mrs. Jernigan also stated in her history that Aaron Pilkerton died in Sonora, KY, at “an age believed to be 107”.     That will be research for another day as the last census I found Aaron to be listed in was in 1880, 18th district of Rutherford Co., TN, age 73, a cobbler, with wife Mary age 68.     The birthplace of both was given as NC.

Next time:   the Civil War service record and the accepted pension application in 1905 of Lewis B. Pilkerton, son and my direct line, of Aaron Pilkerton.




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