The Civil War Pension File of Soldier Silas James Langford

by deb - June 21st, 2011.
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Continuing with the pension file of Silas James Langford/Lankford, the next form was a questionnaire dated 26 April 1902.

No.1  Are you a married man and if so please state your wife’s full name and her maiden name.

Answer:   Yes, Emily Langford, maiden Hunter.

No.2  When, where and by whom were you married?

Answer:  15 day of December 1881 at Bellsburg by G.W. Scott

No. 3 What record of marriage exists? 

Answer:  Have no marriage certificate

No. 4   Were you previously married?   If so please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death or divorce.

Answer:  Carthorine Dunn; Died the 24th day of Jan 1881 Bellsburg, Tenn

No. 5  Have you any children living?  If so, please state their names and the dates of their birth.

Answer:  James H. Langford borned October the 24th 1882  William J. Langford borned November the 10th, 1884

The date of reply was May 2, 1902 and signed by Silas James Langford.

The next form was also dated May 2, 1902, signed by Silas James Langford and witnessed by W.D. Story and Ephie Story.     On this form Silas James answered that he was born 15 January 1838 in Smith County, Tennessee.    He also said that he enlisted Jan 1864 at Carthage, Tennessee.    He answered that before he enlisted his post office address was Mount Rose, Tennessee in Smith County, Tennessee.

Before his enlistment, Silas gave his occupation as farmer.    He also answered that he was discharged at Carthage, Tennessee in January 1865.

Next, Silas answered that since his discharge he had lived at Bellsburg, Dickson Co., TN, and that his present occupation was farming.

Finally, he gave his physical description as:  6 feet tall, weighed 140 pounds, blue eyes, black hair and dark complexion.   He listed his permanent scars as two on his right arm from carbuncle.

The next form was the Declaration for Widow’s Pension, where Emma Langford appeared before a notary public of Dickson County, TN on 3rd day of May June 1905 and being duly sworn according to the law declared she was:    Emma Langford, age 57 years, of Bellsburg, Dickson Co., TN, the widow of Silas J. Langford.   This same Silas J. Langford enlisted in Co A 1st Reg’t Tenn Vols, served at least 90 days and was honorably discharged, and died in Bellsburg, Tenn on 17 day of May 1905.   

Emma further declared she was married under the name Emma Brown to said Silas J. Langford 15 Dec 1881 by G.W. Scott, Esqr at Bellsburg, there being no legal barrier to said marriage.    She also stated that her maiden name was Emma Hunter; married a man by name of Brown.   She also declared that she had not married since the death of Silas J. Langford.

Emma Langford signed this declaration for widow’s pension; attest:  J.B. Hunter and J.M. Daniel, both of Daniel, Dickson Co., TN, 3 June 1905.

All of this “sets the stage” for the affidavits, which I will continue with next–medical affidavits of Silas James Langford’s poor health and then the affidavits of family and neighbors of both Smith and Dickson County as to Silas James and Emma’s marriage and its legality.

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